What is The Philosophy of The Matrix

While it is perhaps safe to say that the Matrix* is one of the landmark films of our times, pinpointing a single universally accepted reason for its status is perhaps less straightforward.

The superb special effects and ground-breaking camera techniques, which were the most obvious of its strengths , had most of us wondering whether we could run up walls and vault back on to our feet in one smoothly choreographed move. The cast, led by Keanu Reeves, an impressive Laurence Fishburne and an unexpected but very good Hugo Weaving, delivered more than adequately with some interesting dialogue. Its action sequences had sufficient grace and improbable movement to make them riveting.

This website though is a tribute to a lesser known but deeply revered aspect of the Matrix – its Philosophy. If the Matrix didn’t make you question the nature of the world we live in and our own existence within that world, then perhaps that aspect never mattered to you. However, if you did wonder about those profound but often ignored questions, then this is the right place for you. We are specifically fascinated by the significant parallels between the ideas woven into the storyline of the Matrix and spiritual principles of the East, specifically India (Hindu / Yogic philosophy).

However, we also want to stimulate discussion and generate interpretations beyond the obvious and hopefully, deeply insightful. We do not want to restrict the views we gather on this website to any specific religion although our own knowledge is more focused on Hinduism and Yogic philosophy which is in essence, beyond religion.

To say more would be a waste of time, so let us meditate on the Philosophy of the Matrix!

* We confine our attention largely to the original film and not the sequels.